Converting DivX files for Windows95 play back.

Although the DivX player will not run on Windows95 you can easily adjust the media file to run on the Windows95 Media Player.

1) Install the DivX player on your Windows95 platform.  The software is free and can be downloaded at:


You may receive some errors during the Setup process, continue the installation regardless of any errors.  In the event of an error DO NOT CANCEL the install.  The Player will not play on Windows95 but it will install the necessary codec (short for compression-decompression) to play Dvix media files on Windows95.

2)  Once the DivX software has completed the setup process, re-boot your computer.

- Unzip the DviX media file before continuing -

3)  As an example to be used here.  We will call our clip “cheapie-01.divx”, where “cheapie-01” is the name of the clip and “divx” is the (actual) extension of the file.

4)  Rename the extension “DIVX” to “AVI” by placing your mouse pointer directly over the file and clicking on the right mouse button.  In the drop-down menu.  Select Rename. and change the file extension by replacing  “DIVX” with "AVI". The file should now look like this: 


If the file was renamed successfully, you will be able to play the file from the Microsoft Windows95 Media Player.

If you were unable to rename the file in Windows95, continue to the next section on how to convert the file in DOS. 

Converting DviX File's in DOS.

Before beginning.  If you’re not familiar with DOS (Disk Operating System), I suggest you copy the unzipped file to be converted to your root directory C: through the “My Computer” icon on your Windows95 desktop.

NOTE: The following instructions contain DOS commands which contain blank spaces between each other.  To help recognize where a space exists within the command, we have added the "_" underslash symbol in brown to help identify where a space between commands exists.


1)  After copying the file to your root directory.  From your desktop Click on the “Start” button, go to and open “Programs”, and select the “MS-DOS prompt”.  A black screen should open with the following:


Microsoft(R) Windows 95

   (C)Copyright Microsoft Corp 1981-1996.




2) After the “C:\WINDOWS>” command prompt, type: "CD_\" then enter.  If completed correctly the following prompt should appear.




3)  After the “C:\>“ prompt, type the following: “DIR” and enter.  This will show a list of all the files in the root directory.  Check for the file you copied.  If it’s not there you will have to try copying it again from your windows desktop and start over.  If you have to many files scrolling on the screen and are unable to view the file, use the /W switch with the “DIR” command.  Example: 

DIR_/W followed by enter.

4)  Assuming the file is there and using the same example file name as before cheapies-01.divx.  Note:  In DOS the file extension will only be 3 characters long so “divx” will appear as “div”.  Type the following command after the C:\> prompt:


Note:  where you see the file name “cheapies-01”.  You can replace that with whatever the actual file name is.  Example:




5)   To check the new name of the file type the “DIR or DIR_/W” command after the prompt for your directory contents.  The file should now look similar to this:




If this worked and the extension of the file was successfully renamed with the AVI extension then your in business.  You can exit the DOS screen and now play the file from any windows media player.

If you were unable to successfully convert the file we would be more then happy to help you by email.  Click here for additional help.



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