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Trick or Treat


Meet our Barbershop Girl Ashley. Ashley is a model/actress and was excited to be selected as one of ETV's Barbershop Girls. This selection contains 9 haircuts all from long to short including a buzzcut followed by a 000 clipper shave. With 2 hours of haircutting entertainment, this one is guaranteed to knock your socks off.





Simplicity II


Back by popular demand, we welcome the second haircut adventure with our model Taryn.  This adventurous young lady was outstandingly eager to say goodbye to her brunette hair.  This 89 minute feature contains loads of cutting action including a variation of bob styles, a short crewcut, a high & tight flat top Ĺ inch on top and completely buzzed on the sides and back , finished off with a complete head shave.  This material contains new full angles and never before seen footage from the original. This one has something for every enthusiast.


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